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Duck Harbor Company History

Our mission is to create communities with minimal impact of property development so that we may all enjoy the natural amenities and recreational opportunities provided by the diverse offerings of the environment.

Photo of Joe Harcum in front of Duck Harbor Lake

The story of Duck Harbor Group began when Joseph and Nancy Harcum purchased a piece of property on Duck Harbor Pond to build a “cabin in the woods.”  They wanted a peaceful place where they could bring their four children to get away from the hustle and bustle of suburbia. Their exhaustive search ended upon meeting Joel Hill at Duck Harbor Pond.  

Photo of Joel Hill in front of Long Pond

After a couple of years and many wonderful weekends, Joel Hill came to Joseph with a proposal.  Joel, terminal with leukemia, wanted to sell The Duck Harbor Lumber and Chemical Company. 

Map of land

The Duck Harbor Company consisted of 1650 wooded acres wrapped around the 205 acre lake Duck Harbor Pond.  The DHC was a family company that harvested and timbered trees.

Joel Hill Sawmill donated by Joe Harcum to the  Equinunk Historical Society

Joel Hill Saw Mill was donated to The Equinunk Historical Society by Joe Harcum in 1991. Duck Harbor Pond was used as an energy source to generate power for the saw mill, which is one of only a few water operated saw mills left in Northeastern PA.

Duck Harbor Group's commitment extends beyond the gates of the communities. Duck Harbor Group is a family that lives on Duck Harbor Pond.  Joe Harcum is involved in many local, county and state organizations.  He wants to ensure that his visions are sustainable. He is on the Damascus planning board, he’s a past president of Wayne Pike Building Association, and he is treasurer of PA Builders Association.  These organizations have direct impact on the region.  Joe is also on the Wayne Memorial Hospital Board and on The Wayne County Economic Development Board.  These two organizations directly affect the lives and livelihoods of our residents.

Another member of the Duck Harbor Group is Jay Harcum.  He is manager of The Woods at Duck Harbor. Jay is a Director of Wayne Pike Building Association.  Plus, he is a certified green professional (CGP) with the National Association of Home Builders.  Jay and his family are residents of The Woods, with two daughters that graduated from Wayne County School system,
and continuing their education at Lycoming College.

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